Pepe Arts präsentiert das FREEMAN FESTIVAL 2023 - Festival für contemporary circus and performing arts in Munich, Bavaria.
vom 27.-29.05.23 im Werksviertel Mitte.
Pepe Arts presents the FREEMAN FESTIVAL 2023 - a festival for contemporary circus and performing arts in Munich, Bavaria.


Vom 23.04.2022 - 08.05.2022 fand das FREEMAN FESTIVAL 2022 in München statt.


Panel Talk about the possibilities for the performing arts in sustainability, NFTs, and digitalisation.
Exploring and discussing the options for the performing arts in the digital world, using NFT, VR or AR. Asking questions about democracy and financial aspects in connection with blockchain technologies.


In cooperation with the MUNICH NFT MAI, Villa Stuck, Blockchain Bayern E.V. und

07.05.2022, 13:00

Pepe Arts
Critical Spaces

“In the beginning there was space - in the beginning there was nothing, in the beginning there is everything”
Critical Spaces takes us on a journey of perception of spaces. The piece not just focuses on architecture but on social interrelationships as well.
How do we relate to one another?
What is happening if people are forced to interact in a small room? Is there a thing as to much space? Where starts a person’s private space and where does it end? With the elements of acrobatics and dance the Pepe Arts Ensemble narrates tales of loving care and social commitment, of greed and
and the struggle to survive.
The Artists take us to the endless expansion of the space and to microscopic spheres.
A contemporary circus performance with elements of dance and theatre.

Short Cuts

Short Cuts brings three short contemporary circus pieces onto one stage. Three different artists present their work with different objects and performance techniques.
“Predator” by Bellini BimBam from France
“hikohki Gumo” by Georg Traber from Switzerland
“Simple Space” by Johannes Böhringer from Munich

Three very different sceneries will be created in the unique location Sugar Mountain Munich.

Open Air

A real fire truck is the heart of this entertaining performance. The duo uses the vehicle as a stage for acrobatics, aerial arts and a unique tightrope act with an actual fire hose.

Open Stage

It’s a Pepe Arts tradition to invite local and national talent to perform in the “OPEN STAGE”. A variety show with many different disciplines and a unique chance to see dance, circus, aerial arts, magic, mime and much more on one stage.

New Generation
Youth Circus

Youth circus projects are the root of most circus artists. They help grow the next generation and offer a possibility for kids and teens to try all different disciplines.

We invite different local youth circus companies to share the stage and perform together. Get inspired by the young performers and learn more about the youth circus programs.

Circus Leopoldini München e.V.,
Circus Akademie München e.V.
Movimento - TSV Grafing
Circus Imago e.V.
ZDM der Johanniter e.V. lassen

Acting for climate

A spectacular and poetic contemporary circus performance, staged in a forest
Acting for Climate creates a versatile performance using acrobatics, vertical dance, circus and dance with music and poems. The performance is staged around, between and on trees. BARK is about climate change and our relationship with the environment we live in. The company is focusing on sustainability and travels only by train and bike while touring Europe.

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